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Alaska Outdoors Magazine entertains and informs people who live in Alaska, visit Alaska, are thinking about visiting Alaska, or who ever dreamed about visiting Alaska.
Come along with us as we give you accurate and authentic answers. Alaska Outdoors Magazine is your window to Alaska’s outdoors.

Alaska Outdoors Magazine is devoted to educating, informing, and entertaining our viewership about the vast outdoor recreational opportunities in Alaska: fishing, hunting, hiking, backpacking, camping, boating, whitewater rafting, off-roading, gold panning, outdoor photography, in-state travel, mountaineering, scuba diving, and other outdoor interests. 

Alaska Outdoors Magazine satisfies viewers’ desire to know how, when, where, and what to do in America’s last frontier through exciting, interesting, engaging, and educational videos.

Alaska Outdoors Magazine’s host, Alaskan Evan Swensen, has been the publisher and editor of Alaska Outdoors magazine and producer of Alaska Outdoors television show and outdoor videos, and Host of Alaska Outdoors Radio Magazine. He has been an Alaska resident since 1957. As a pilot, he has logged more than 4,000 hours of flight time in Alaska in both wheel and float planes. He is a serious recreation hunter and fisherman, equally comfortable casting a flyrod or using bait or lures. He has been published in many national magazines and is the author of four books. Evan claims to have the best job in the world; he gets up in the morning, puts on his fishing vest, picks up his fly rod, kisses his wife goodbye, tells her he’s going to work—and she believes him.

Some of the podcasts were recorded live, and although the podcasts are dated, the information is as fresh as morning and current as tomorrow. 
Unfortunately, you cannot call in during the broadcast; however, we’d like to hear from you. 
So give Evan a call by dialing (907) 561-3260.

Alaska Outdoors Magazine

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